First of all, thanks to all our partners for the long-time support and cooperation. Due to the expansion of our scale and the need for business development,?KXD Group?has moved to a new address on Jul.20th, 2019. The new address is: 5F, Block A, Building 12, Shenzhen Bay Eco-Technology Park. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by the relocation and hope you can understand, hoping you can give us continuous attention and support.


The new place is elegant and well equipped. Under the new office environment, we create better working conditions and development space, meanwhile, we can also provide customers with better quality products and services. Kenxinda Group will take this relocation as a new starting point to develop jointly with cooperative partners. We hope that we can have a more pleasant cooperation from now on.


The relocation for the Group is a leap of the strategic development, and also is a display of the group’s specialty and strength, showing our group’s resolution to pursue excellence, signifying the group’s brand-new attitude to open the new journey and create a more brilliant future.

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